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Met a Space Pod

MET A Space Pod is a chain of space themed hostels situated in the heart of Singapore. Started in the year 2014, MET was the pioneer for all capsule hotels in Singapore. This idea was derived by our founders keeping in mind the scarce land of Singapore and providing tourists with a unique mix of privacy and opportunity to socialize.

With an ideal location for all our branches, MET hits the spot in many ways. Our neighbourhood constitutes of great local street foods, mouth-watering hawker center and cozy cafes.

MET offers a unique experience that distinguishes itself from other hostels in Singapore. Our space cadets can experience a reliable and seamless Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, personal lockers. Our well ventilated air-conditioned pods are designed with our guests’ convenience and comfort in mind, making every stay an unforgettable one.

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MET A Space Pod
MET A Space Pod


We aim to create an environment where travellers around the globe are interconnected yet have the luxury to enjoy their personal space.


At MET, we understand the importance of socialising yet needing your personal space during your travels. We prioritize your personal space by designing our Space Pods to be enclosed. We let you explore the world and welcome you back to a private and pleasant living space.

By incorporating the concept of outer space, we wish to take our guests to a greater heights by taking individuals out of this hectic city and be blown away in space. We humbly welcome you to experience the first space themed capsule hotel in Singapore.